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Terms and Conditions

Botanica Saguramo includes 5 different concept projects. These are: Villa Margarita, Villa Lavender, Villa Camellia, Villa Acacia and Villa Orchid. The projects include 2 versions of all five house designs – with and without a terrace.

The houses are in the black frame, the green frame, or fully completed condition.
The black frame includes a reinforced concrete frame, flat concrete roofing, and built partitions. 
The green frame includes a reinforced concrete frame and flat concrete roofing, heating, wiring, stretch floor, German and Spanish metal-plastic doors, windows, and a fully finished facade. The project also includes communications.

Inner partitions of the house are made according to the project plan, but they can be relocated/changed if desired. 

The distance from the house to the fence is 9 meters. The height of the ceiling in every house is 3 meters.

The standard size of the pool is 3,5X6m. Its size can be adjusted as desired. The size of the roofed parking spot is 5,5X5,5 m, which means roofing and concrete flooring.

Start of the project:  July 2020
End of the first stage:
July 2022
End of the second stage:
July 2023
Houses can be purchased by 3 years length in-house installment.